We had to ditch Vista because our software won’t work with it. I called and complained to gateway, they dont care, I called marvell, they dont work with the end user. I just cannot get on with it and I’m also having problems with software issues. Having trouble finding the right driver? If anyone needs help with these, just let me know and I will be glad to send them to you to try. Thanks to you all for this thread. I think that overall I got a good deal on the laptop.

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You guys are awesome. I can’t get on-line without the ethernet. I would say it is an improvement over XP, although nothing revolutionary for my uses.

Just so you know you guys made me sign up to reply to you and this is nt3705 going to be my only post StomperX – I’ve been following your questions on the web and have responded to them. Hi all, Thanks for this thread info.

It is also nice to be able to switch back to Vista if I want to use the Media Card slot. I think the screen looks good, especially next to my IBM T41, but it does have a stuck pixel on the right side in the middle.

A place to check for drivers x at least to see if there are any possible drivers available is www. When the installation has finished – reboot the computer.


You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. I just cannot get on with it and I’m also having problems xxp software issues.

Gateway MT3705 Drivers Download

I am very impressed with the battery life of this system. Okay, I have all the correct drivers now, no more 3rd party solutions. Return the Laptop to the store for refund or replacement with something that is loaded with XP?

Joehahn, since mine and yours are the same model, can you send me the driver of the Broadcom BCM? Disconnect the device from your computer. If I could dip you and your loved ones in gold and shower you with lavish gifts to help I would. I see version 8. Do you have any more errors in the device manager?

[SOLVED] Ethernet controller for a gateway mt for windows xp pro – Tech Support Forum

Are you giving up on XP or did you put Vista back just to check this driver? Vista will lose all saved System Restore points every time you boot mt37705 another operating system.

Now go into the ‘Device Manager’ control panel in whatever way you prefer and double-click on the ‘? General Discussion Search In.

If you want I will zip them up nice and put them on my website to download. I actually set this up as a dual boot machine. This will tell you what WLan, modem card etc.


Gateway MT Vista Notebook Review

You can make those changes using Windows but it is easier if you have a video control panel. After I use it more and learn more about its features I am sure more disparities between the 2 will emerge. Websites load very quickly, and there is virtually no lag when mt705 the internet or between programs that are already running. Right click anywhere on an open area of your desktop and see if you get something with the manufacturer control panel for ATI or Radion.

PC card reader drivers Gateway MT3705

x Follow the directions on the installation program screen. I will help you if you help me? Vista seems like an improvement over XP to me, although I am not going to go through the trouble of installing it on my own computer anytime soon.

No – actually mine sounds good for small speakers. I too have had the Vista pains and decided to go back to XP.