S When i say “no beep” i mean POST beep on boot I don’t think the monitor is the cause cause the first thing i did was to test the computer on a different monitor and didn;t work You are so right,Intermittant is tough to figure out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! English in not my mother language hehe “Orange led” is the led on monitor standby mode I believe that if the problem was the hdd i should get “select proper device bla bla” on the monitor When i tried the pci-e i didn’t disable onboard vga on BIOS. When replacing the motherboard the system booted every time, even with the W PSU. My system contains following items: I am still convinced that her PSU is fully enough for her system. Now, try this suggestion first

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The driver from the disc was installed successfully and the Vista system run fine. My system contains following items: I guess you had a look-out for the system error messages?

We can only hand out tools to find it, we can’t give working solutions. Take the board out of the case and check the standoffs, if there is one to many it can shorten things from time to time. Well, I can use my typing energy for someone who does want help then.


I have tested the computer to another monitor also. When the Vista installation was finished and booted it crashed once again. The ATI window splashed up, red and nice and stayed in that position for about one hour before she rebooted the PC again. As I have written earlier, the XP driver works fine but does not support Aero. List PSU details, example in my signature Have you tried with 2 memory sticks only? The PC booted twice and the she booted up in Fail safe.

Specification for K9AGM3-F | Motherboard – The world leader in motherboard design | MSI Global

I will look for help elswhere to find k9agm solution. Please helpppppppp The system is: What PSU do you have yourself, as things work better in your system?

Is it fixed or is there still problem? For a spin disable onboard sound when installing. This is my last posting on this site.

We base that on what you say is the problem and the system part you listed. Please k9agn3 or register. Maybe he has a Q-Tec. It will run, but you may find yourself in trouble within a few months. Yes Fredrik, one should have open mind! Home Help Search Login Register.


k9agm3-f possible problem

But chances are big that it will solve the problem. A new rebbot and Vista started. I posted my problem here and j9agm3 standard reply was then as it is now, replace the PSU. Home Help Search Login Register. I then got it back to my girlfriend, installed the drive and booted the PC.

Have a feeling that, if you keep that unspec. It failed all the time.

MSI K9AGM3-F – motherboard – micro ATX – Socket AM2 – AMD 690V

Try to think a bit more, openminded, what can cause such a problem and not always blame the PSU. I have not tried Windows XP on the system. The Silverston can support a maximum of W.

When that has been done I will inform you the result. It all works in fail safe mode.