I don’t know if this will be helpful to anyone, but I found this on Vuescan’s site: The part number for the Grayscale Memory Board is: The “apps” seem to me to be quite inappropriate for the desktop PC environment and a program like SF 6. Solution The unit cannot be upgradedwith a USB port. Edited by AudioDoc – 15 June at

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I’m going to change to Mac.

I will try installing a desktop program not an App from MS “Store” and assign it as the default program for viewing photos. Hawk, Kain, and other that have had success using SF 6.

Where can I find the correct instructions. Each depression of this key changes the mode.

Minolta MS, MS, MS, MS Twain Drivers & Scan Utility (SCSI)

The card has its own BIOS config screen at system startup; the screen also shows as detecting the Minolta when it is powered on. The result is that the scanner now shows up under a new node in Device Manager called Imaging devices, and has two driver files linked to it.

Konica Minolta recommends that all service be performed by an authorized service representative. Users are responsible twaib seeking advice of a Konica Minolta authorized service representative regarding the information, opinion, advice or content of this document.


Konica Minolta MS 6000 Manuals

I’m always suspicious with these twaln since what happened in another situation: Hi Madturtle, Thanks for your replies.

Please update to version 25G per Service Bulletin I get where MS is coming from trying to have a unified interface for all devices. I realize that this isn’t going to be of much help to most of the members here but I have a Dimage Scan Multi Pro.

Okay, so I tried to get the scanner working by modifying the inf file, provided on page 2 of this thread. The “apps” seem to me to be quite inappropriate for the desktop PC environment and a program like SF 6. Solution Do not try teain find or browse to the driver. When the display flashes, the twin is reset.

If the RFC film carrier is installed without installing the included power supply board, there is a chance that the Projection lamp Drive board PU-2 may become damaged. Unavailable The scanner is definitely on! This is a search of the printed database. You can get a hotfix for twaih problem from Microsoft at Microsoft Hotfix ” I also notice that he commented on the cable that came with the Minolta II causing some problems with newer computers.


With the old FTP site, many files were misplaced or nearly impossible to find with the hierarchical structure that a files system imposes. Dyxum website Dyxum home. It certainly sounds like you should try the suggestions here to mod your existing driver.

My Minolta Dimage woundnt even recognise in windows when I tuned it on – not even in Device manager.

If you have a laptop, this might be the way to go. The scanner only has a SCSI interface. Ms6000 page was generated in 0. The links are locatedwithin the solution in the database. A new service choice has been added. Solution Turn off the Auto Reset feature on the scanner to correct this problem. Refer to the service manual for more details.

Nothing ventured nothing gained. These lists can be filtered by file type, such as driver, firmware, system code, etc.