Friendly Arm , NFS server. From within the PuTTY terminal type ls to list out the contents. First we shall test the hello example. Issue a ls command to list out the contents of hello folder. I want install windows ce on my mini arm Thanks.

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Is it one of those test things?.

Enter the following command to untar the linux-gcc file. That would help identify the problem. The compilation process is perfect you will see the following screen.

Keep the S2 switch found above the left corner in NOR mode.

usb download driver-64 bit driver

Linker for dynamic libs: Gave it another try by launching it from 64bit explorer rather than cmd. Usbb has the access control list for file systems which may be exported to clients.

I’ve downloaded the “RAR” file from this thread and installed it, apparently successfully.

When the host and target are the same type of machine, the compiler is a native mini4240. Click Connect under Serial Port. Make sure that Windows is running in “Test Mode” before installing. Before starting up with programming mini you need the following accessories.


usb download driver bit driver – FriendlyARM

To start with install the NFS service by typing in Terminal following command: Download address should be 0x Inside this is the examples folder which we extracted details minl2440 previous post. To read out the C code in hello. FTP always works with a password. When the host and target are the same type of machine, the compiler is a native compiler. Now issue the command. From the Linux Terminal issue following commands to copy the file: By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

Friendly Arm boards are available with 1GB Flash memory.

I want install windows ce on my usn arm Thanks. Nagasai Boppudi Provide the super user password to start installation. Friendly ArmNFS server.

USB wifi module ( support wince and linux ) for Mini2440 micro2440 and other ARM9 VT6656

Take a look at his page If there is anything in that file except a single line of text, it is normally code signing certificate. I ueb the driver for windows 7 64 bit. Type in following command to UnTar the example files. Instead of giving a make command you can feed in the above command directly. You are commenting using your Facebook account.


Code Blocks is a free cross platform IDE with powerful features. I’ve been downloading and trying to install x64 drivers from here and from Downloads section with no luck. You can also use Hyperterminal.

Under Serial line enter the port number in our case it is COM2.