When we leased our IKON machines we had a verbal understanding with our salesman who looked at exactly what we print before we signed the lease and it worked great for a few years but the new toner supply system seems to want to really squeeze the customer –as you say, I found myself just not having the time to fight the order system to get the toner, even though I do give them credit for delivering what was needed as long as you constantly keep at it. I’ve got about 12 more months of this. I have the complete field service manual and parts listing for the Log in or Sign up. On average, we run around ,, prints per month. Also, the quality is very poor. I cant seem to find a driver for the Ikon cpp

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It also allows you to install a new hard drive in that machine if the current one fails or if you want to upgrade to a faster or larger capacity hard drive.

Please Login at the top right or Register. Do you already have an account? Free 25 gift certificate for all orders over And how many prints on average do you get between service calls?

We have had The Lemon for 14 months and I can’t even begin to tell you how many service requests have been placed for it. What are the good and bad points compared to canon or xerox machines? On average, we run around , prints per month.


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PMs usually include drums, coronas, developers and basic vacuum cleaning. See my positive feedback. Konica Minolta IC Fiery.

Copy DoctorMar 5, I can’t stress enough what crooks the IKON people have been. We have techs in our shop 550 every day and it doesn’t look good at all to my customers. The machine, aside from the four hours it worked today, has been down since Friday five days?!

Show only see all. Rebadged boxes have different firmware and so are often behind on field updates, for one. You have a better chance of seeing Elvis.

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It requires a great deal of service, the walk up memory is weak at best spitting out anything over 28 pages and exiting, of course we didn’t learn about the memory issue until AFTER we purchased. We have some employees who will queue up a job, enter a quantity and walk away from it. It’s an okay machine. Attached printer broke, server works fine.

Ikon CPP 500 review?

But when producing a forest product that competes 50 a global economy for buyers, control, published and developed by Adobe Systems Inc, including Our offer to you.


I’m not getting much help from Ikon.

Biy need to be biit, just an overview. With billions of dollars at stake, I don’t see why Ricoh would do anything to mess up the customer-base they are buying. I mean we ARE a print shop and not everyone wants the same size prints!

Then when I looked at another colorful piece, it showed the telltale mottling effect that I 5550 so use to seeing in my large fields of color. Currently Ikon is peddling a CPP which we are very skeptical of naturally. Get used to having to make adjustments for side A to side B.

Thank you so much for sharing your experience to help me out. Sometime in April their service department changed it to double click on 12×18’s, unlike our Konica. Your name or email address: I have a great working used IC that came off a 4 series Bizhub the auction include the IC controller, the VI video interface, the cable and power cord.

I appreciate any help or sympathy.