This provides the advantages of transferring data at a faster rate which, in general, implies better printer throughput and overall system performance. A second host trying to assign the printer will be denied access with a notice that the printer is assigned elsewhere. You must verify the legibility of the 4-point font sets in their applications. A drum return plan has been implemented to ensure the used drums are returned to the manufacturer. The font is oriented for printing at print time. No tool kit is shipped with the printers.

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In dynamic mode, the two parallel channels may be connected to the same host or to two hosts that are tightly coupled. Developer units are unique to a given printer.


IBM hardware products that are EuroReady may or may not have an engraved euro sign key on their keyboards. The font is oriented for printing at print time. These products shall be verified to comply with the rules for Class A digital devices before final delivery to the buyer or centers of distribution.

Infopriht, “sleep mode” 1.

The attachment card and Token-Ring adapter cable 53F approximately 4. CCDs can not be interchanged between printer engines.

IBM InfoPrint – IPM Continuous Forms Printer

These features and functions, reaching beyond the printing system, are designed to assist your operators and improve your operations. Other dealers compete against this, so:. Both enhance the overall image you project with your documents. OW is required to support Multi-Host Environment.


IBM recommends either the “straight line” or the “reverse L” the print engines form a “L” with the operator position facing inside the “L” toward the front of both print engines.

However, for best character integrity, raster pattern fonts at dpi are best supported when printing in dpi resolution and dpi raster fonts are best supported when printing in dpi resolution. The preferred go to market offerings are ServiceElect and ServiceSuite. IBM does not independently verify the contents of these Republications and takes no responsibility for the accuracy or completeness of information contained in such Republications.

Meters Feet 4 12 7 20 13 40 22 70 31 46 61 77 92 While meters feet is the maximum allowable cable length included, order the length required by the customer according to the Installation Planning Representative’s cable layout.

Applications with extensive bar codes or solid area fill can expect to achieve yields lower than that achieved ib the average text page. Outline fonts can be downloaded to the printer from PSF libraries. These templates can be used by clients with Microsoft Excel to provide the basic tools needed to organize, analyze, and display the operational data. Each page can be a distinct size and sequenced, rotated and positioned as you wish.

Customers in the banking, communications, insurance, utilities, and other industries who send statements, bills, policies, and other forms of communications to their customers can utilize the IBM Infoprint to maximize the productivity of their printing operations.

Real inventory that we refurbish and stand behind, since Mail orders within the U. Many Authorized Supplies Dealers offer supply agreements and Supply agreements often offer customers price discounts, price protection, established shipping schedules and reduced administrative expenses.


Supply warranties are only for defects in materials and workmanship at the time of shipment and are not for normal wear and tear, nor for any usage minimum. It is recommended that customers maintain a one to two month stock of supplies on hand.

The same form definition can be used for printing 1-up on 8. Boldness control allows control over print boldness that is independent of the settings of machine parameters, therefore, the parameters can be adjusted to compensate for other changing conditions within a printer without affecting the boldness.

IBM Infoprint MICR Series Continuous Forms | Argecy

This interface can communicate with the AFCCU and the host to manage paper inforint recovery through the customer’s post-processing equipment. An telephone number for ordering follow-on maintenance supplies is provided with the initial shipment that arrives with the printer.

Cables are not shipped with the product or the features. Cable Orders No cables required. Call to order.

The printer must be disabled from the current system and attachment before it can be enabled to the other attachment.