I have the same problem as him. On all three of the receivers that I have and use for testing they all light up green the moment you supply power to the USB port. I also know on the older China adapters they put this foil sticker along the bottom of the dongle that actually interferes with wireless connectivity. By the way, how about putting up a Bitcoin wallet QR code or patreon link, so I can contribute? Much less to sync.. The cable is long enough though that you can put the receiver closer to where you are sitting. Does anyone have any idea what could be causing this?

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Anyway thank you very much for all your help and time. The closest error I have ever seen on updating drivers is the following: This did not work.

HDE USB Wireless Receiver Compatible with Xbox Controllers for Computer PC | eBay

Never heard of it loosing connectivity when the vibrate motor wirelesa. If you downloaded your driver from Microsoft direct then you may simply double-click on the EXE file that you downloaded from them.

Or the microprocessor in your Chinese receiver is locking up. Thanks a lot, i tryed to connect four ours and your video helped me so much. In the following example above we will be extracting everything in the C: Note Before you can use wireless accessories with your computer, you might need to install some software on your computer.


The steps for windows 10 should work fine for you. But so far, the best app that looks promising is controller companion which seems to be able to utilize the home button of the xbox controller.

It will tell you the version of windows you are running at the type, and underneath the system catagory it states if you are running 32 or 64 bit or even ARM if you are running Windows Tablet edition. Thank you so much!

Then there may be a serious hardware problem with your adapter. Now for those who do not beleive me or just want to see what china packed onto this CD.

Device downloads

This 3600 only uploaded for archival purposes and will not be used in any way during this tutorial. Searching automatically is a waste of time. Click on the Have Disk button in the lower right-hand corner of the driver installation window.

One out of my four receivers i bought from various vendors on Ebay did this to me. If I install the newer Windows 10 driver, the controller works fine still, but now the Xbox Home button does absolutely nothing. I have a kind of specific question but because you seem to have a good knowledge about this controller and driver issues I will try my luck: I tried it on another PC and still windwos it must be the actual device. In order to do the same thing underneath windows 10 without me paying hundreds per year in driver re-certification is similar to my XBCD blog article gamin you have to enable test signing mode in order for it to work.


A green light on the receiver indicates that the unit is taming. Do you maybe have any idea how to prevent this?

Lets see if windows can actually see and test our new joystick that we installed. Then you probably have a defective.

It behaves just like the Microsoft OEM version. Depending on who foe your windows 10 you may have to disable Secure Boot as well.

Sony DualShock 3 Gamepad You can extract the files from the exe. Man, you are amazing. What I would do is go into device manager and update the driver, browse for the driver, let me pick from a list of driver, choose xbox peripheralsan try to select the version v2.

Xbox Wireless Controller for Windows | Device downloads | Microsoft Accessories

No, YOU are fabulous for checking out this blog! This is to probably keep hardware production costs down when porting to the various consoles throughout sireless years.

First of all thank you very much for this great tutorial. Do one of the following: