Fraser in a social, business and public way. Shep- herd, o M Brown. They make their round-, with whitt- uniforms. March 3 —Bert KIrby. The minister said tlist as far as he knew It was the report cf Mr.

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Kehinalda Acadeaioala 32, lisle 3. But, of ooune, there waa. Notificar abuso Creo que esta respuesta infringe las Normas de la comunidad. I think of harbors peaceful In the sun When old folk pass with bsir as white as wool.

Centhraed frem rage 1 the district you can easily get hem prayers rnlled for on the port of by writing to Mr. And since Wesley was Wesley, ssound fact that she was a Hemingwa y addad to her sttraetlon for him. Via Bute Inlet, with unknown grade.

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He discovered right away that Hooty and Mrs. Kathleen Gree n wood. Slmpklns was In the chair, and during the eve- ning diplomas were presented to those successful In pas-slng the ex- aminations set by the Aiuoclated Board of the Royal College and the Royal Academy of MukIc Before the proceedings concluded Mlfw Rust was the recipient of a fruit bowl and a silver cake basket from her pupUa.


Sammy soon discovered that Hooty and Mrs. Aynt Adelaide; and It Is Just enough. Then digestion be- comes easy, it is a safe. Both games wlU start at r. In this respect Mr.

Ctialiam and Wentworth; centre.

S-7 General A’plialt 47 i Oan. Mlas Marjory A Hill.

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Hypocrates says, “Much rubbing catises the parts to wasto; moderate rubbing makes them grow. Oslwui t per cent of the total revenue of tlie Province of Jasee Columbia used for uncontrollable expenditure. Walsh’s tww X jui. Wallace, whieh second e d by Captam uablngton, and received with great appUuise. In irrigation projects and land settle- ment ventures there have been heavy losse s.

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Tn a manner both mean and tyrannleal. United Founders Corporation is receivin revenue from H holding and investment companies an. The entry i, is a moat Imposing one and Includes Think of It! Culjan and Spanish heels.

Three new membera wwa aeoaptad Into aaam- berahlp. There isn’t a sotfr blade in a million. Cheeee – ftaast MMtoras.


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Buy stocks In the early portion of tomorrow’s session and look forw. A resolution will be pre- pared by the board which wlU deal with the increase of rate now being Instituted, with effect from March 1.

Moore proaouneed life extinct, tha body waa removed to the B. Victoria, only eighty times Canad. The Oovemment does not wish to enUr upon any prs set- that it eaimot I successfully complete: Hockey’s aound gate attraction.

Harvey Smith, who Is taking an active part In the welcome to the Brlti.