Hynix memory chips GDDR2. Secondly, the other GTS-based cards showed average operating temperatures, there were no overheating emergencies. The card inside is packed into two envelopes and then put into a special compartment, so damages in transit are out of the question. Everything is arranged into segments, the card is thoroughly packed into foamed polyurethane. Nikolaychuk AKA Unwinder and obtained the following results:

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That’s another copy of a Zalman product – the famous cupped cooler for graphics cards. Hynix memory chips GDDR2. Nevertheless, I want to repeat that such graphics cards are interesting only to those users, who are pressed for money, but still want to play games with the latest 3D functions.

But on the whole, their design is unique. Write a comment below. First of all, you should browse our brief references dedicated to modern graphics card series foxdonn underlying GPUs.

This is not a finished product, but a component part. Bundled components are arranged into cardboard sections inside.

Foxconn GeForce 8500 GT (PCI-e, 256MB)

It’s much cheaper than the GTS, but it’s only a little outperformed by this card. What concerns these cards, they are products of good quality, equipped with a good cooling system. The box has a traditional vertical design, brown palette, large labels. The other graphics cards did not suffer from overheating either, even though their cooling systems were not noisy.


NVIDIA GeForce GT Specs | TechPowerUp GPU Database

geforcee So such products should be installed into PC cases with good ventilation to drive the hot air out of a system unit. It’s highly efficient read below.

Light-green palette and a charming Chinese woman in one of historic roles from Asia. I repeat that the stock cooler is very noisy. Everything is arranged into segments, the card is thoroughly packed into foamed polyurethane.

But the heatsink is very thick, so the graphics card actually takes up two slots. Unfortunately, none of the GT-based cards operate at stock frequencies both cards are overclocked. Therefore all information is generally separated in two respective parts. Thirdly, gefore a look at the test results. And by that time there may be launched a new family of more powerful Low-End cards with DX10 support.

Foxconn GeForce GT specifications

On the other hand, everybody understands that such a card as GT will not cope with any DX10 game in x with high quality settings. Bundled components are arranged into paper sections, the card will not dangle inside. BioShock Infinite and Metro: Too many features have been cut down.


But these compartments are tough, so dangling is almost out of the question. That is these cards rank in the middle of Middle-End.

Foxconn GeForce 8500 GT

If it really offers efficient support for decoding HD content, the above mentioned cards will gain another advantage, because this function may play an important role in the Middle-End segment 3D plays the main role, but it does not dominate. It’s a very interesting cooling system. It’s a GTS card with reduced frequencies, which does not require an external power supply.

Tests settings – maximum. We examined ten graphics cards from various manufacturers, so the article will be long. We’ll not analyze each test, because it makes more sense to draw a bottom line in the end of the article. The card is secured in a foamed polyurethane compartment.

That’s why there are only four memory chips instead of eight.