In the Flowers by Animal Collective. Robert Miles – Children Dream Version. Archived from the original on This ad has been matched to your interests. Bands typically break up after college. Look for the original source of content and submit that. A music video of “Metropolis” came out and the band began to play live concerts.

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I wish I had just one answer. Want to add to the discussion?

Doing so will result in a ban. By using this site, you agree faxed the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Remixes MusicUnderFire 27 people recommended this. Hybrid – Just For Today loosely “electronic”, but the main melody is played by a live orchestra.

Sleeping Beauty

Archived from the original on April 30, A few close contenders though: Robert Miles – Children Dream Version. They’re kinda “post-rock”, but they rely on a lot of synths and the guitars sound more like synths anyway since they’re covered in reverb and usually swelling in.


Please try and support the artists and submit their content directly. Faded Paper Figures – Relics”. Dude thank you for the effort putting these links here.

Faded Paper Figures “The Matter” available now. John Williams is a full-time professor of English at Yale just published his first bookand Kael Piledrier writes music for a production company in Los Angeles called Robot Repair his music appearing in several Hollywood films, TV shows, video games and ads.

Piledrive – Instrumental by Faded Paper Figures | Song License

The band’s fourth album was released cigures Aug. You and others like MusicUnderFire. You should check this out https: Favorite song of all time Some other beautiful tracks to me: No piracy zone, support the artists.

No asking others to upvote your posts via social media outlets. I think anything by Hammock is absolutely beautiful. Not beautiful in the traditional sense. Admittedly I believe I heard the Adventure Club remix first which led me to pursue Flight Facilities’ original version, which i enjoy more.


I swear that track will never die. Reflekt – Need to Feel Loved https: When submitting music we encourage you to use the following format: It wasn’t as good as expected because of reading some posts in that sub. Now, with lots of use and ….

Faded Paper Figures – Wikipedia

The song kind of drops off pretty quickly in my opinion tho Such an amazing album. But it would just be a shame to the other amazing songs that are beautiful in their own unique way. Figurss live version of this is absolutely incredible. Definitely Tennis Courts at number 1 it hits my feels.

Odesza were supposed to come on at