March 24, , May 03, , The scanner is now in my possession and I’m back on getting it to work. With the Toolkit System you can drop films anywhere on the scanning bed without being concerned about location or registration. Works with OSX up to Copyright – CPS Limited.

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Huge reduction for nearly new. Toolkit then automatically matches the separations perfectly without operator intervention. You will also find that you are unable to re-calibrate or run diagnostic software, this can cause damage to internal components and could end up being costly.

EverSmart Scanner Options –

I have to check on the software version that was last made for this scanner, as Version 2. We also offer a full installation and training service. CPS has a range of versions in stock: Top condition, looks like new. Full digital descreening technology provides the ability to descreen halftones and to repurpose copydot contone files for proofing and other applications without rescanning. Does anyone know if there are Windows drivers available somewhere?

The manuals in english can be found on the high-end scanner group on Eversjart in the files section. We include a minimum of 3 months Standard Warranty cover with the option to extend this up to 33 months.


Scitex Eversmart Pro 2 scanner

I’ll firewiee out the other forums. And the scanning software, Great condition scanner for the money. I have attached the correct scanner brochure for this model. Many new features have been added as well as upgraded compatibility with newer Mac OSX operating system software. So contacting them would probably lead us nowhere. For the EverSmart range of scanners there are a number hardware and software options available to help improve workflow and productivity.

Please login or register. Far better resources are the Scan Hi-End group on dcanner and the Large Format Photography forum, which has many pro scanner users.

Replacement bulb for all EverSmart scanners. Thanks for the replies.

Apart from scznner problems, the oXYgen software included will be out of date and many other accessories are normally missing. If you are looking to buy a used iQsmart scanner or EverSmart scanner on the open market please consider the following before taking the plunge This highly advanced software tool can also be used for digital descreening, and digital descreening of printed material.


May 03, The oXYgen Dot Solution pdf covers this software eversmrat greater detail. All scanners are purchased subject to condition, age, history and inspection.

Refurbished Flatbed Scanners

Here in Iceland the Kodak representative is bankrupt and did not much more than distribute Kodak film while in business. High-end scanners are very delicate pieces of technology that require careful treatment and care.

Home Help Search Login Register. For more information see Oil Mounting Station. The software itself is more difficult to find. Your older oXYgen version might appear to work ok, but over time you will experience crashes, intermittent faults, damaged scans and other problems.

This firfwire be very costly to rectify – you will require a service engineer visit to re-align these components or possible parts replacement if any damage has occurred.