We recommend the use of the push-tractor mode in order to avoid any paper jam. The first table gives the connector pin assignments in Compatible Centronics mode, and the second table those in Nibble mode. Position the paper at the current Top-of-Form position: This tractor guide is a short inch-based ruler graduated in 10 columns per inch. This is the line where the printing actually starts. Installing the Color Kit You can turn your monochrome printer into a color printer by installing a color kit on the print head carriage.

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Back cover to protect forms tractors This will allow the printer to know exactly where the print head is and to position it at the same position when a form feed occurs. Test pages are printed to show print quality and verify whether all characters print.

Digital (DEC) LA30W Companion Printer 330 cps, LA30W,

Make sure that the interface cable is securely connected to both the printer and computer. This function is defined as one of the power-on initiated test functions.

These are referred to simply as the Programming Reference Manual and the Programming Supplement, respectively. Selecting Macro 1 or Macro 2 When you first turn the printer on, Macro 1 is selected. Removing Single Sheets When you print using software, the printer automatically ejects each sheet of paper when the end of the digitzl page is reached.


It is written for both new and experienced printer users. Software is sometimes referred to as application software.

Digital LA30W User guide |

Online When the printer is online, it is ready to receive or is receiving commands from the computer. With the DEC serial interface, the length of the interface cable is meters feet or less.

Also vacuum the lla30w sheet stand. If the printer hardware is functional, any problems you are having are probably caused by incorrect printer settings, incorrect software settings, the interface, or the computer.

This chapter does not explain how to assign values to options in the macro. The method you use depends on the capabilities of your software. If you selected a protocol when you set up the printer, you do not need to change the PROTOCOL option unless you want to change to a different protocol. Check that section if you are using multipart forms, envelopes, or labels.

Digital LA30W Cartridges

Remove any laa30w paper from the printer. Make sure the printer is in the Ready state no data to be printed. Close the top cover and the acoustic cover. You can also use your software to stop printing, but there will be a slight delay before printing stops. The following table lists the default values of options in Macro 1 and Macro 2.


Digital LA30W Cartridges

To reinstall the forms tractor unit for pull-tractor feed: Connect the equipment into an outlet on a circuit different from that to which the receiver is connected.

When the printer enters the Set-Up mode, it prints the following information. We recommend the use of the push-tractor mode in order to avoid any paper jam. This section contains an introductory outline of the options available. Unidirectional printing is used for the printing that needs digktal precise vertical alignment.

Do not use solvents, kerosene, or abrasive cleaning materials that may damage the printer. Tear Bar A cutting edge provided on the top cover to tear off continuous forms along the perforation. You can easily slide the print head to the left or right when the power la30q off. Stopping and Viewing Printing Specify the disconnect control of the interface when a fault condition occurs. Specification differences are clearly identified further in this User Guide.