Forget about taking any pics at aal in low light, and if you use the flash, everyones faces come out solid white. Posted on Feb 27, Be the first to answer. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. It didn’t come with software but I was finally able to get it to work with my old digital camera software. The small black digital camera that kayla got from her friend without a disc I got for christmas.

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Patricia Tue, 09 Aug I have tried to call the number but never any response. I can take great pics and the software does all I need it to. Disappointed is no where close to how I feel.

Answered on Dec 07, For the saem amount of money you can get an awesome camera on Ebay. I have the cd somewhere but i think ive lost it.

Sakar Digital Concepts 3-in-1 Start Up Kit Overview – CNET

Not finding what you are looking for? Otherwise, that is considered false advertising and yes, it can be construed as such and lawsuits can arise from thus.

Some photos will look grainier than others, depending on lighting. Everything is whited out. And they always do their homework when they choose a name for their product. I pretty much agree with all of the statements saying how bad the camera is but what i need to know is there any way that i could get the program that puts the pictures on my computer without buying anything.


I would’nt purchas another item from them if they were the last company on earth!!!!

I tried to download photos to my computer and nothing happened and when I tried to picbrig or whatever they call it to my printer it froze up my printer. Sad but true, same thing happened to me We recently got a new computer and i cannot find the cd the allows the pictures to go on my computer.

Wal mart has alot of money and alot of time. Randy Sat, 06 Cobcepts Colleen Sat, 30 Dec I can’t find my book and don’t know how to delete the pictures on my camera Only, I’m thinking at first, it’s because I have a Mac, a superior computer that the directions are only For forty dollars you can’t really buy a digital camera that can produce the images of an older 35mm film camera. How in the world do you get the flash to work??? BUT, it does take great outdoor pictures. I ordered mine online Walmart and my only real complaint is that they need to put on the package WHERE the software CD is located, cause I damn near cut right through it.


FREE: Sakar 75379 Digital Concepts VGA Camera (Great Beginner’s Camera For A Child)

Caitlin Fri, 12 Jan I hat e this camera!!!!!!!!!! It’s all in the instruction booklet!!! This may be a dumb question, but how do you get an SD card to work with this camera? The software for this little camera freezes on xp.

Now I know why there was a warning on the inside of the package to not return it to the store you bought it from if it doesn’t work. You have one long run-on sentence. But judging from the reviews here, I’m happy I did! I’ve got four Sakar built cameras: