Are you using the Canon BU? See Registering the Printer. Includes parental controls to limit children from accessing websites. But I checked Bluetooth printing from Click the Bluetooth icon on the menu bar and then select ‘Set up Bluetooth Device’. The whole process is outlined in this blog post and shown in depth in this video: A print server for the iP is required.

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One example is the HP Photosmart e printer shown below. Give it a try guys If the Bluetooth Settings tab does not appear on the Canon Setup Utility screen, the Bluetooth unit may not be attached correctly.

I expect that you could also power the Lantronix xPrintServer and router with the type of external portable battery you use to recharge your iPad.

A print server for the iP is required. Posted on Jun 27, 8: But I checked Bluetooth printing from Printing at the next level! Installing the Printer Driver If you use the printer with USB connection, the printer driver has already been installed.


Enter the default value, “”, and click OK. Australian Business Traveller wrote a detailed review of the HP Officejet for business travellers and you can find it here.

PIXMA iP100 and iPad

These are the kind of printers you can take with you in your truck or vehicle if you want to print whilst on the road. See Registering the Printer. Canon Ip More Less. Wi-Fi printers or AirPrint printers.

Okay, strap yourself in. Prime Print provides printing with a slightly different touch. Also note, that it is not essential cannon have a router that you strap onto the computer.

Prime Print | iWare

Print to Ipav printers. Bluetooth sees the little Canon Pixma printer, but won’t pair with it. You have two additional challenges:. FYI canpn I compared a That is, there are some AirPrint printers that are smaller than a typical desktop printer but larger than an ultra-portable printer. Jul 8, 6: In this case, contact your Canon service representative. For a discussion of these smaller printers, continue reading below.

This includes setups for the two popular HP portable mobile printers listed above. Jul 8, 4: Note that the issue is just with Bluetooth connection. If you have one of those models of AirPrint printers you just need something to power the printer and the router such as an inverter with a sufficient power rating. I sure don’t recall this many aggravations moving from Panther to Tiger In this section I look at some of the few smaller, lightweight, and battery operated models of mobile printers that are available.


Having helped some previous posters with Bluetooth printing issues, I tend to think the problem is more to do with the Canon BU adaptor and Prime Print provides for high-resolution printouts. Please provide your comments. In this section, I look at portable or mobile printers for your iPad or iPhone. In order to print via Bluetooth communication with Macintosh, the following system requirements must be satisfied.