Gary Seabrook, director of surgical services, said four patients were brought to the hospital “with multiple gunshot wounds to their extremities. Private sellers are not required to run background checks and do not have to follow a hour waiting period, required at the time of the shooting for gun dealers in Wisconsin. Radcliffe Haughton buying ammunition from Dunham’s in Milwaukee, shown on a security camera. This one seems to have been personal. John Gosh said he saw two women come out of the building who had been shot. It is believed the final shots were those that killed Zina. A violent weekend E.

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All hell is breaking loose.

Brookfield police reports say the Sunday morning of the mass shooting, Haughton took a cab to the salon. Newsletter Today’s paper Subscribe Archives Historical archives. Photo Gallery View Gallery 2 images.

Wisconsin salon shooter sought cabbie’s advice before killings | Reuters

He first shot a pregnant woman, who survived, followed by a woman whose gunshot wound was fatal. It took police hours to search and secure the building. According to the report, it was this round of shots that killed Zina Haughton.

They had no idea where the shooter was, but they knew they had to act. A tactical unit comprised of several agencies was sent in to evacuate the building. Read the restraining order Storify: Four people, including the shooter by suicidedied in the incident; four others were injured.


Radcliffe Franklin Haughton, a year-old male from Brown Deerwas tentatively identified as the shooter.

After finishing a quick meal, they drove back to the salon, where the car was now parked. Share Tweet Share Email Print.

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A history of violence Brown Deer police were called to the Haughton household on West Glenbrook Road numerous times over the years. Haughton had a police record for domestic violence.

Wisconsin salon shooter sought cabbie’s advice before killings

Listen to a spaa describe gunshots from the inside of the Azana Spa. He had one daughter, age 12, with estranged wife Zina Haughton, and a stepdaughter, age 20, who was working in the building with her mother Zina Haughton at the time of the shooting. His estranged wife, Zina, met him near the entrance and tried to calm him down. She ran down the stairwell and met law enforcement on the first floor. He had called for his son to turn himself in.

Azaha Us Job Openings. A short time later, the sprinkler system and fire alarm shooing activated, and Murray began to see flames around the closet door. It is believed the final shots were those that killed Zina. The lawsuit comes a week after a jury found Badger Guns and its owner negligent hsooting the sale of the gun used to severely wound Officer Bryan Norberg and former officer Graham Kunisch in During the investigation, Simmons told Brookfield police that on Oct.


Corrections employee still a supervisor after misusing Taser Watchdog Update: He locked one of the exit doors and ran upstairs, where he started a fire inside the spa. About John Diedrich John Diedrich writes about crime, federal issues, ultimate fighting and guns.

Some told him they’d been in the salon and heard the gunshots.

There was smoke in the building from a small fire in a hallway that they azaan Haughton started. O’Rourke didn’t like that idea. It was something else.

Brookfield police investigation reveals details of Azana killer’s last days

caab In the end, police got 19 people out of the salon. Green Bay parrot gets back home, with a little help from Facebook friends. She and another massage therapist were upstairs with two clients.