I can’t think of anything else to try so good luck and please report back. Originally Posted by septprince. Thanks in advance I think there’s two different issues. Page 2 of 2. As you can see – all temperatures are far away from throttling and absolutely OK. It is just a message. You might want to try using the open source video driver.

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But mostly when this happens i have to hard reset. Last edited by antisect; at It is more stupid than we inxtall. Do not install ai suite 3 or probe II sense and get the latest drivers from the asus support page.

Originally Posted by Antman. At first installation I installed Win7 and drivers from support page of my motherboard. Some of their responses to customer concerns are just priceless.

[ubuntu] Newbie – New Install ACPI Probe Failed problem

The other problem is now, that some services cannot start probably and I cannot restart the system, it get a blue screen after min after I pressed restart.

I will acoi you in the right direction to resolve this issue. Originally Posted by zigzag I know you are frustrated Kasper but right now there are ppl logged on. The difference between the live session and an installed Aasus is the live session uses the open source video driver. So there is nothing left but motherboard. Thanks a lot for your reply. Last edited by Nate; at Results 1 to 6 of 6. I just wanna say i also have same problem.


Its just that your specific problem is not one that many ppl have had. And if it is not ACPI error faailed then I’m mixed-up for the moment and just do not know what to do with it. Corsair Hydro H Case: Involves compatibility mode, admin rights, etc. After that I tried to check my video card: I am at my wits end with this and unfortunately unless something is done to rectify or at least acknowledge these issues everyone is having i am afraid i can no longer justify buying anything from asus again regardless if it works or not.

Problem installing PC Probe II – Microsoft Community

Besides that i recently have been ctd while gamiing Planetside 2 and WOT sometimes i will get a bsod and dmp file. Please post any other questions you have regarding Windows operating systems on this Forum.

This is a framework for drivers that run in user mode, in contrast to kernel mode that most drivers run as. These errors can be safely ignored untill Microsoft decides to fix those issues. Sorry for reviving dead thread but has anyone found solution?


Sorry this didn’t help. I’ve tried like hell to find a solution, but this is the best answer I’ve managed to find. January 31st, tp. Hi Nate, I tried it.

How to Fix Asus ACPI Driver Issues in Windows 10

I’ll see what else I can find on this. Thanks for your feedback, it helps us imstall the site. These errors can be safely ignored untill Microsoft decides to fix those issues. I am not clear as to the actual situation. Reboot the system and wait for it to crash to the Blue Screen.

I think I described the situation wrong, the PC is not shutdown in fact.