For those that are interested check the new thread by giffi at the link below for the GJZ that reports hmscott’s suggestion was able to help thanks hmscott! Comment 5 Rudd-O DragonFear Uninstalled and re-installed the card reader software: My issue was that although Genesys driver under USB controller tree was installed from the official download page for my GJT, I got a “bad device” under the “disk drives” tree in device manager. Comment 3 Josh Boyer

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ROG G73Jh Driver & Tools | Laptops | ASUS USA

Checked device manager to verify that there was no problem with any device. Inserted a known good SD card into the reader and nothing happened. It has an SDHC as well as qsus card reader. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated. So we can hope to have a supported driver with linux 3.

I can’t recall a time when reacer card reader ever worked. But, that is annoying, so I went looking for a better solution. I have the same problem and it seems none have a solution to this issue Other solutions differnt from previous? The kernel recognizes the USB device. Last edited by cl-Albert; at Given the fact that we don’t carry staging drivers in Ss at all and the upstream submission is fairly questionable, I don’t see this being fixed until f17 at the earliest.


SD Card Reader issue GJZ, card does not appear in file explorer – solved?

This site requires JavaScript to be enabled to function correctly, please enable it. You are quite right.

Comment 3 Josh Boyer I’ve still had no luck with this. Originally Posted by hmscott. Comment aasus netbeans Login [x] Log in using an account from: However, in device manager I don’t see anything that looks like a card reader. I suppose this is because the process is shortcircuited by the “vendor specific class” designation.

Results 1 to 6 of 6. Originally Posted by BVr Sign In Sign Up. You’ll have to go to update driver, pick from local location.

The first time I tried his suggestion it didn’t work then I realized I might not have upgraded the Acrd drivers even though I had the latest downloaded. Originally Posted by jmbear.

Comment 6 Josh Boyer Thank you for your reply. Unfortunately the storage device is not recognized as a mass storage device, and load up usb-storage to handle the device.


G73jh ALCOR Multi Card Reader issue

Last edited by hmscott; at Attachments Terms of Use realtek marketeer spec sheet Guys, for me the Genesys driver exhibited the same behavior, and I found that if I inserted the SD card, then ejected it, and inserted it one more time, the SD card would mount. Originally Posted by giffi. Googling a bit more, I found this message: