Just prior to each supplicant connection state change the system initiated this CRON:. Is there any way to control timeout for probe or have a less “strict” timeout check? Tell me how, and I’ll gladly activate software instrumentation. This appears to be bug on Bugzilla: After following the “Known Issues” caution about kernel panic and the agn on the release notes , I installed the linux backports which enabled wifi with this card. Here is the part in the kern. See full activity log.

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Intel Wireless WiFi Link AG – WikiDevi

Whenever the connection drops, I see log entries similar to those reported by others:. I’m not certain whether or not this is related to wifi interference; although I can confirm that since I upgraded to Karmic, my issue has become chronic before, while running Hardy, it almost never disconnected.

I installed the backport module package as suggested earlier in the thread but am still encountering the same problems. XX after ms, disconnecting. Randomly here and there, one or two times per hour, without any network activity or with activity, connection get lost with a message:.


Changed in linux Ubuntu: So, if installing the backport module fixes this issue for the others experiencing the problem without having the Microcode SW errormy current problem might not be related to this bug, but to the bug. Comment on this change optional. Arnaud Soyez weboide wrote on But since removing Bluetooth, I have not observed any interruption in service. To post a comment you must log in.

Intel Wireless WiFi Link AGN – WikiDevi

However it is still not working in Intrepid, against what rc is linux-image-generic based? Unfortunately it seems this bug is still an issue. Linu are not directly subscribed to this bug’s notifications.

Is there any way to control timeout for probe or have a less “strict” timeout check? My error logs continue to linkx the supplicant state change every few minutes:.

This is hardly a fix, it’s a crude workaround but it does appear to work. As a follow up, problem continues -as before- after removal of bluetooth. linjx

Hi, I have installed ubuntu intrepid 8. X, and now I am now really sort of cabling my house It is really frustrating. See full activity log. I am back to the old screen program days, but it is frustrating frustrating frustrating.


This bug affects 8 people.

Intel PRO/Wireless 3945 and WiFi Link 4965 devices

I 4965at Ubuntu Lucid v OK further testing reveals that downloading a lot of data reduces the time between connection hangs to just a handful of seconds. If the dropouts are only happening on 11n networks, maybe it’s worth disabling 11n in iwlagn and seeing if this stops the dropouts: Erik Reuter misc71 wrote on Looking at the syslog, I saw a pattern. Since then, I have experienced no breaks or inrurruptions in wireless service.

It can be considered for sure a major bug, because it drives people crazy, expecially if they like myself work with SSH connection. A full day of use should tell me. On an old kernel I had to have this switch enabled at boot time to use my wifi on a Thinkpad R Some laptops have hardware switches for wifi and bluetooth.

Nominated for Intrepid by Jonathan Ernst. Tell me how, and I’ll gladly activate software instrumentation.